[V10] Volt (2007)

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“This release from Vate is really top notch stuff. I dont know if its just cause i have been out of contact for a while, but this really just hit the right note with me. The first track (“Turismo”) is just really trippy and really reminds me of the “trancy” stuff from the early 90’s with a 2007 overhaul. The second track (“Orient Stress”), which is also featured on the previous release from Vate, has a pulsating tribal rhythm with growling basslines set to a slamming breakbeat. Almost industrial in some aspects. These billowing basslines continue through to the next track which is also a standout track.

“Hertz” drops into a more minimal-IDM style and it slowly progresses into more distorted IDM sounds from here onward.

Overall the album is fantastic and its highly recommended. Even if its just for the first few tracks as not all of them will appeal to everyone.”

Net-label review

Porno Pixel [V11] – 2008

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Gracias a las mujeres y hombres anónim@s que cortesmente dieron sus voces para hacer Porno Pixel. Incluye la versión original de Porno Pixel y dos nuevas versiones así como dos remixes hechos por vate. “Crisis de Identidad #1749″ por Deus ex Machina. “The Novel I never Wrote” por Destreza, aparece originalmente en el disco The Novel I Never Wrote (Remixes and deconstructions)

Orient Stress [V09] – 2007

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Gracias a www.maopost.com por la imagen usada en la portada.

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